Hello and welcome to the last site you need to help you with head lice.I wrote this site because I am an adult male with long hair and found myself with headlice which I wanted to treat without cutting my hair.For that reason, the purpose of this site is to help you treat headlice in long hair.First, if you have lice and are ready to treat, you need to also know that you will need to clean your area. Wash your clothes, do not reuse them without washing. Wash your bedding and pillows. Lice can travel on clothes and linens and transfer from human to human.Also be sure and clean all your hair brushes, combs, hair tyes and so forth. Put the combs and brushes in boiling water or wash in your dishwasher. Clean and remove all the hair and so forth.Next, if you have lice and want to get rid, and you do not mind shaving, you should do that first.Finally, if you are in need to use a chemical or hair treatment, below is the best head lice treatment you can use in the opinion of this author.Really, there two treatment methods I am going to discuss and both include the use of ivermectin in the treatment of head lice.In the first method, get some Ivermectin horse paste like that shown below. This is a referral link to help support this site.

To use the paste, mix it with hair condition using about 3x as much hair conditioner as medicine.Then apply this throughout your hair, rubbing into the scalp and all hair.In the second method, which I think is the better, easier and less expensive, is to use the variety of Ivermectin used for topical treatment of parasites on cows.An example can be found in the ad link below. It's a referral link which supports this site.

Ivermectin Wash

This type of treatment carries the medicine dissolved in alcohol. To use, pour some of the liquid into a smaller container, and pour onto scalp and hair, careful to not allow it to drip or run into your eyes.In both cases, leave the treatment in for 24 hours before you wash or rinse out.In both cases also retreat within 7 days, preferrably ever 4 days until about 2-3 treatments at minimum.Personally, I prefer the alcohol wash because it is a lot easier and costs less, but the past won't get into your eyes at all.So that's all, I hope that helps in helping you get rid of head lice.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for reading!